RGB Road Cases - Watch Out!

Tea, South Dakota 1 comment

I cannot recommend doing business with these people.They can't get a simple order straight.

On June 2 I ordered new road cases for my Mesa amp rig.

Case for head and case for speaker cabinet. Gave them exact size specs. Was told it would take 7 business days. There was delay after delay.

Had to call RGB several times to find out what the problem was. Seems they were even confused as to what I ordered and status of my order. Finally 6 weeks later I received cases only to find out they were completely the wrong size! Cases were immediately shipped back to RGB.

Still waiting for them to issue refund to my credit card. Calls and emails to RGB now go unanswered.

Next step is legal action.Stay away from these guys!



same problem here too. cant get a refund on a case they never even delivered.

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